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Done For You Sales Funnels And Ad Management

For enterprise level and aggressively growing companies we offer managed services like Done For You Sales Funnels and Advanced Ad Management, making use of our software where needed and managing the entire process front to back for you.

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About Jason

Jason Drohn is a  marketing expert, software developer, author, entrepreneur, and ex-truck driver for the Pepsi-Cola Company from Erie, Pennsylvania.

His is a genuine story of overcoming adversity. He went from living too broke to buy spaghetti noodles to "firing his Pepsi truck" and leaving his driving job in 2006 to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Since 2006, Jason has helped literally thousands of businesses improve their marketing and sales, primarily through the power of technology.

...He can take a business model, plan its improvement, and execute it within days to the tune of exponential increases in profits.  Jason has a knack for pinpointing specific problems in a business and fixing them on the spot with a no-nonsense attitude and genuine concern for the success of those he works with, whether they are members of his software programs or clients that he and his team are actively working with.

He is the founder of Done For You and a published author, as well as a digital marketing expert who specializes in building out sales funnels and paid traffic strategies. He has consulted privately with both major companies and home-based business owners all over the world.

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