Chaos, in an of itself, is a word. Chaos implies the idea that things are out of whack.  Unruly.  Hopeless. For the longest time, I’ve had the word “Chaos” in my notes, not because I thought the world was chaotic…  But because the word “Chaos” stems from our own, individual perspective. To one person, what…

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If It Doesn’t Make Dollars…


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Sebastian Xavier


On October 27th, we welcomed a new baby boy into our family! Sebastian Xavier!

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I love fall…

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Between the arrival of our new baby and the coming of Christmas in our beautiful new home… we couldn’t wait any longer!

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It so easy to ‘react’ during day to day life… The challenge is really in stopping to think and take in the real beauty of the world.

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Belief is a very powerful thing…

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Survival In Business

the strongest species

There are two types of people in this world. Producers and consumers. We, as business people, are both; producers and consumers. We produce content. Videos. Courses. Products. Ebooks. Manufactured good. We take an IDEA and turn it into a reality. And that’s the magical part. We dream something up, put it to paper, and create…

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Loving What Is


It’s been a rough week. Not everyday can always be roses and sunshine, no matter who you are. Sometimes, I get so accustomed to living in the future, creating stuff and reacting, that I lose site of reality; which is really the only truth there is. My thoughts. My story. In this moment. And how…

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17 Percent

iPads Outsell PCs

iPads now equal 17% of the PC market, and they are outselling desktop PC’s… Right now, there is no tablet market. There’s an iPad market. It’s truly crazy to think about. So, aside from this being a crazy number to consider, what does it mean for your business? How will you be making sure that…

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